commonly have a variety of coverage needs that include basic auto, homeowners, and health insurance, but there are some unique situations that can warrant additional indemnification. These may include construction projects, earthquake/fire/flood risks, high-value collections, investment properties, young drivers, and more.

Business Owners

may have more complex insurance needs, depending on the nature of the business, that encompass general and professional liability, assets and property protection, and even commercial auto coverage. Assessing the risks and planning accordingly is an important part of protecting the owners, the employees, and the business itself.

Entertainment Insurance

addresses the unique risk exposures of entertainment business managers, advisors, agents, and other representatives in the course of doing business. This specialized insurance covers the inherent risks associated with cancellations, equipment, intellectual property, medical, travel, and other liabilities.

Family Offices and Wealth Advisors

are charged with a significant responsibility for protecting and preserving substantial personal, family, and estate assets. Once these assets have been thoroughly identified and appraised, a comprehensive coverage program can be customized to establish a strong foundation for lasting security.

High-Net-Worth Clients

are often more likely to be subjected to false or unreasonable claims of bodily/personal injury or property damage and predatory litigation. Personal excess liability coverage provides a critical added layer of protection against potentially devastating financial losses in the event of a large-scale judgment or settlement.